Microsoft to Launch Windows 9

Microsoft Windows 9

(Photo: Steven Senne/AP)

A new Windows operating system is about to be launched by Microsoft to give the cyberworld a new alternative to the long-in-use Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.   To be tagged as Windows 9, the launch is set on September 30, a few months into the stewardship of Satya Nadella who took over as Microsoft CEO early this year.

In regards to USAToday story “Report: Microsoft to reveal Windows 9 next month”, the Verge reports about the Microsoft plans for an event which will be held on the Sept. 30. The report will support “sources familiar with Microsoft’s plan”. Continue reading


Beware of a New Threat Called Backoff Malware

Backoff Malware

Image via PCWorld

PCWorld Report said, The data breach caused by “Backoff” is now reckoned as one of the largest in recent memory, resulting in tens of millions of credit and debit cards being captured. It is believed responsible for the recent data breaches at Target, SuperValu supermarkets and UPS stores. In the case of SuperValu, at least 180 of its stores had been hit by a data breach and earlier this week UPS said 51 of its UPS Store locations had been hit. Continue reading

All Computer Services and Solutions in One

Computer IT Support

Image via Flickr: iComputer Denver

Rarely if ever do we find all imaginable computer services and solutions, which are essential to making the now IT-driven world go round, offered in one place or single website, remotely or on-site.  Millennium Support Computer Solutions (MSCS) has it all. From web design and apps development, home computer services to IT services and business solutions, MSCS provides high-quality, prompt and friendly support and advice to all comers.

Millennium Support boasts of the entire range of proven methods to assist clients on all IT-related issues. This is expertly done either through phone support, on-site technicians or remote assistance. Continue reading

About Millenium Support Computer Solutions

Computer IT SupportAbout MSCS

Millenium Support Computer Solutions ( MSCS ) is a privately owned company dedicated to providing high-quality Information Technology products and customer service.

Customer Service is central to the company’s objectives. Millenium Support was established in 2001 as a software and hardware consulting business, providing product information and customer service to assist in system integration. Hence, the business has grown to include software/hardware integration and consulting.

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