Fast and Efficient PC Repair in Melbourne

Computer use can be frustrating at times when your Personal Computer breaks down.  When this happens, most home users and small businesses often don’t have anyone to ring up and summon for professional help. There are expert Computer technicians in Melbourne that can help you with any desktop and laptop repair, from removing viruses to setting up wireless networks and printers.

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Great IT Maintenance Services in Melbourne

Information Technology

Information Technology via

InformationTechnology (IT) is what keeps businesses going in today’s world.  It is the extensive use of such major IT tools as servers, networks, PCs, printers and peripherals that keep business humming for companies. But for companies to reap the benefits from IT on an uninterrupted basis, their IT tools must be well-maintained to ensure that user downtime is limited and staff productivity is maximized.  Continue reading

3D Technology to Improve Surveillance Systems

A revolutionary function of computers in surveillance operations is under study by a team from the Center for Machine Vision of the University of West England in UK which promises to get authorities one step ahead of terrorist attacks. It harnesses 3D technology for surveillance systems which currently use the less reliable two-dimensional images.

3D technology for surveillance systems

Image courtesy of UWE Bristol

The new system is expected to be more efficient in detecting the faces of terrorists that might be lurking in crowds, locating concealed weapons or identifying explosive devices in subways or airports. Since the surveillance system that makes use of 3D technology could harvest much more and better information it could be a key weapon in maintaining peace and security.  The news report on its functions goes:     Continue reading

Quantum Computers with More Processing Power

Computer World has reported a news about Google teamed up with scientists of the University of California-Santa Barbara to build cutting-edge processors that raise the quantum computing business to previously unreached heights. The revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) product is a new computer system that could perform multiple calculations simultaneously. This means a vastly increased processing power.

Quantum Computers
Credits: Google/UC Santa Barbara

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