How to Find the Right Computers that Suit Your Needs

The trend in PC and laptop sales increasingly leans toward laptops, especially for home and school use. For these purposes, laptops have been found to offer more flexibility and with wireless internet access all over campus, they can be truly mobile and can work from anywhere on campus including the library and other areas where students gather. But other people who have been using a PC for years and have not encountered any problems with it see no need to change their preference. So when these people find a need to get a new computer, they transact business for a PC unit.

Numbers of Buying PC and Laptop

While laptops, tablets and ipads have made enormous progress in recent years in appealing to college students and home users, PCs have continued their brisk sale as well in the business world and even in homes. Computer shops say they get an almost equal numbers of consumers for PC and Laptop Sales. Both types of computer buyers get by just fine with their choice since it’s the software on the computer that really makes the difference.

Advantage and Disadvantage Between Desktop and Laptop

When working on group projects it can be very convenient to have your computer with you and many students enjoy taking notes in class right on their computer. When buying a laptop, users want one that is durable as they do take a beating over time.  Most specify at computer stores that they want a 3-year warranty as hardware-failure rates in laptops are greater than desktops. Students that choose desktops are usually people that use their computer for other things that require the flexibility of upgrades. Gamers, video editors, and musicians often choose desktops because they can be more powerful and can easily be upgraded. The disadvantage is of course mobility, and when traveling between college and home it can be quite annoying to have to bring your desktop and monitor with you.

Other buyers’ Specifications that Computer Stores often Deal with Include:

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